COVID-19 Doc Check | Upload @ Home

Want a hassle-free start of your trip? To make sure you are allowed to enter the country, we can check your COVID-19 related entry documents in advance. Simply collect the documents at home, upload them before your trip and they won't have to be checked at the airport anymore. You will receive an invite from KLM close to your departure when this service is offered on your flight.

This is how it works

1. Check which documents you need

Make sure to check which COVID-19 related documents you need for your destination here.

2. Collect your documents

Gather your COVID-19 related entry documents at home at your own pace.

3. Upload to KLM

Upload all documents at once to make sure you get a positive validation from KLM. Please be aware of the date validity of your documents.

4. Get approval from KLM

You will receive an e-mail from KLM with feedback on your documents.

5. Enjoy a smooth airport process

Got a positive validation? Great! The COVID-19 related entry documents won’t have to be checked at the departure airport anymore.

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